ServiceRize Solution

ServiceRize Solution

Intelligent, AI-powered managed services operations.

EMERGYS ServiceRize Managed Services

ServiceRize is a service desk powered by AI that uses cognitive and ITPA technologies to solve all IT issues. The bot automates the resolution of IT tickets, reducing the turnaround time. Most tasks are handled by bots, while complex tasks are taken care of by human engineers. This approach helps companies save over 40% in costs, provides faster response times, eliminates human errors, and delivers exceptional value to business operations.

Service Desk Automation

Intuitive user interface resulting in superior customer experience.

Auto-resolution of tickets with reduction of MTTR.

With auto-resolution, human errors are considerably reduced.

Reduction in total cost of ownership.

SLA based 24×7 service.

ServiceRize Expertise

Consulting & Advisory

Learn how flexible combinations of tech and talent help you outperform as you transform IT operations management, IT service management & technologies.


Facilitate the deployment of monitoring functionalities for various services and applications within the cloud.

Service Desk Support

Convert all your email queries from customers to support tickets for easy & fast responses.

Infrastructure Management

Transform workforce connectivity. Drive efficiency, agility, and frictionless collaboration.

End User Management

Secure access, manage user accounts, and enhance user experience for clients.


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IT Consultants

Unlock Seamless IT Support with Our Expert Digital Workforce

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