EMERGYS Big Data Services

Handling massive-scale data is crucial for smooth software operation and reliable analytics insights. That’s where big data services come in. EMERGYS provides full-scope big data services to companies. We apply our expertise in AI/ML, data science, business intelligence, and data visualization to help our customers maximize the value of their big data initiatives.

Big Data, Bigger Opportunities

Improve customer interaction and experience.

Understand the drivers for your demand.

Bring intelligence to your organization.

Modernize and integrate your data platforms.

Big Data Expertise

Big Data and Cloud Advisory

Leverage cloud technologies to architect scalable and efficient big data solutions and deliver a comprehensive set of actionable deliverables.

DevOps and MLOps Services

Combine DevOps practices and MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) principles to accelerate the development, deployment, and management of applications.

Legacy Data Platform Modernization

Transform outdated and legacy data platforms into modern, scalable, and efficient architectures.

Data Engineering & Integration

Design, develop, and implement robust data pipelines, integrating disparate data sources and optimizing data workflows.

Datawarehouse, Data lake and Lakehouse Development

Design, build, and optimize scalable and flexible data storage solutions.

Analytical Platform Development

Design, build, and deploy robust and scalable analytical platforms, integrating data from multiple sources.

Big Data Managed Services

End-to-end management and support for environments, encompassing data ingestion, storage, analysis, and visualization.

Improve Performance, Availability,
and Security of Big Data

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