SAP Signavio

SAP Business Technology Platform

Understand, improve, and transform your business processes

Build solutions for any challenge

With SAP Signavio organizations can not only understand their existing business processes, but they can also proactively manage and optimize those processes to achieve the agility needed to succeed and thrive.
Changing the way everyone within your organization thinks about processes is the key to a resilient and sustainable business.
“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”
– Warren Buffett
Drive efficiency and customer excellence by connecting process data with customer journeys..
intuitive, cloud-based, professional process modeling. The comprehensive solution enables organizations to document, model, design, and simulate processes.
the collective knowledge of thousands of transformation projects delivered by SAP and our partner ecosystem, all at your fingertips.
A single source of truth, uniting employees across your organization in a transparent meeting point to combine their expertise and bring processes together.
A process analytics solution that helps you rapidly discover areas for improvement and automation within your SAP business processes.
SAP Signavio
Process Manager
SAP Signavio
Process Explorer
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