DataXstream OMS+

DataXstream OMS+

Transforming SAP
Order Management

Transforming SAP Order Management

A cross-channel order management solution that reinvents the sales and distribution landscape by providing streamlined order processing and point-of-sale capability directly within SAP.
Gain increased visibility into customer activity and receive the tools you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

“Good customer service is paramount and OMS+ supports better customer service through increased visibility to our customers history and product availability”.

– Gloria Lamb – IT Director, CRAFCO, A Division of Ergon

Take your organization’s sale and customer
buying experience to new levels

Deploys in SAP Cloud Platform and interacts directly with your SAP on premise ERP system.

One Interface for customer 
assisted SAP transactions
Interact from any-web enabled device, OMS+ lets your transact using live SAP data.
Ease of