Robotic Process Automation has embedded its ground in the digital landscape of IT Modernization. It has created some impact on the organizations, and digital transformation teams are wondering what the direction is forward.

Our company is committed to providing top-quality corporate materials that cater to various business needs, such as sales, marketing, and legal matters. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of documentation and graphics designed to automate processes that are too complex for even the most advanced RPA bots.

The combination of generative AI and RPA bots is a powerful tool we utilize to its full potential. Our AI technology automates content generation across business lines while our bots streamline and accelerate repetitive operations. This synergy allows our human employees to focus on more valuable tasks with customers, partners, and suppliers, freeing up their time for more meaningful work. AI will always be illustrated with constant change. A few years ago, teams were amazed by the proliferation of automation and the new possibilities connected to it.

  • Chatbots are already fueling customer service
  • AIOps tools monitor IT
  • Low Code and No-code tools automate application development

The motto for the modernized enterprise is Accelerate operations, Improve Productivity and reduce costs. As this tech generation is fawning over AI solutions that generate vivid text, images, and code, it has become evident that we forget about the core robotic process automation.

As a modern enterprise, combining Generative AI and RPA would be the most promising way ahead!

If an organization has implemented RPA, 90% of companies have bots or software that automate workflows. These include populating forms, password reset, log-in to applications, etc. These tasks do not directly affect the business, but they are executing repetitive work quickly and efficiently. Their core focus is freeing human counterparts to do critical business functions. A super example is how banks transformed their data collection process during the covid-19 pandemic.

Most of the companies have taken RPA for granted. But this is an acceptable scenario as the current conversational AI generation is all bots and workflows. They do not give feedback whenever you talk to them. At a large gathering, the bots can only check or map the guest list and monitor/manage lights, temperature, etc. But, the Generative AI is creating Adverts, writing speeches for honors, and taking a step beyond by engaging in conversation with the users.

Gen AI is based on LLMs — Large language Models which comb through large information databases and creates texts, videos, images, and content. Ask ChatGPT or Bard to generate a blog or a code, and we will get a detailed response with no or minor plagiarism. It has got its problems, but the output is surprisingly human.

Automation Market for Modern Enterprises

Gartner estimates RPA is a $2 Billion market. Companies will triple the capacity of RPA capabilities through 2024 and inject automation into their operations more. More broadly, RPA, Low-code and no-code, and AI might reduce operational costs by 30%.

Our business is dedicated to producing diverse corporate materials, including documentation and complementary graphics for sales, marketing, and legal purposes. These resources will be utilized to automate tasks that even the most advanced RPA bot armies cannot handle. Combining generative AI and RPA bots allows us to optimize and accelerate repetitive operations while allowing our team members to focus on more significant work with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Generative AI and RPA evolution for the modern enterprises

As RPA and Generative AI evolves, modern enterprises will grow with them. But, it will take much work to predict where this evolution will move. But, as an IT leader, you know how critical it is to connect with all tools required for digital modernization. Also, some add-ons are included in deploying new tools considering application to people, processes, and technology.

Even if you embrace automation, the more important question is, what steps can we take to unlock the organization’s value?

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