As it goes by a well-known saying by Alfred Godfrey, ‘It is not that we use technology, we live technology’. Today’s workforce is highly digital and extend across diverse generations and varied industries. Professionals today tend to stay ahead of competition by being able to take actions immediately, stay up to date, on top of business activities anytime, anywhere thereby making use of mobile devices.  

All business content needs to be easily accessible and intuitively positioned. Just as it goes with the apps, we use in our day-to-day life to communicate and connect, the end user experience for business apps also needs to be as smooth, personal, and relevant. Therefore, with the launch of the SAP Mobile Start app in 2021, SAP is building major step toward fulfilling that objective and placing intelligent enterprise at the fingertip of every customer. 

What is SAP Mobile Start?

SAP Mobile Start is a native app that serves as a mobile entry point to SAP’s business applications and content, providing users with a consumer-grade experience. Thoughtfully predefined content for typical persona and industry roles allows users to execute mobile-enabled business processes.  

In a day-to-day operation, people interact with multiple business processes and access data and applications from various systems. Today we have just S/4 HANA system, but it could be several systems in future. SAP Mobile Start helps to meet these business needs right from the smart devices and at fingertips.

During my recent engagement with one of our customers, who were on their RISE journey, I realized they needed a solution where their field staff can update real time data about the day-to-day activities, maintain their financial transactions, get approvals for urgent business proposals on the fly from S/4 HANA system using their mobile devices. As the customer was on their RISE with SAP journey, they had access to SAP Launchpad service and SAP Mobile Start as part of their subscription. With the launchpad service, SAP Mobile Start is also available to access S/4 HANA and other applications from mobile device. Now, this was a quick win for the customer, as they can now:

  • Respond to action items immediately. It keeps you up to date with the latest information from your business systems through notifications and widgets. Tapping on either, you can respond to action items immediately and more easily, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is. It is up to you how many and what types of widgets you want to display. 
  • Instant access to relevant native apps as well as Web-optimized apps, news feeds, and links as shown in the below image. 
  • Quick access to business information on their fingertip, where they can quickly access the business information and apps that are most applicable to them, based on their usage patterns. The app is integrated with their mobile device’s search function, helping them more quickly find the content they are looking for. 


SAP Mobile Start helped them meet these business needs right from their smart devices. In addition, they can now tailor experiences to each role’s habits and tasks using the mobile app. They can adjust it for individual roles and work styles, so that users can optimize their daily tasks.


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