The best business decisions are the most informed ones. Although analytics tools (and modern data platforms) have become indispensable to business decision-making, many organizations still struggle to drive the right outcomes. This is primarily because they lack real-time visualization and data storytelling capabilities.

No matter how much data you collect and process, unless you can visually represent this data intuitively, it’s unlikely that business users will be able to get the right insight easily. In today’s data-obsessed world, real-time visualization and data storytelling will become prominent means of consuming analytics because they will inspire action. Read on to learn why!

The Need for Data Visualization

Organizations are increasingly gathering massive amounts of data. But when basing their decisions on this data, they don’t always experience success. Picture this: when analysing customer needs, you might work with a dataset with millions of distinct data points. Trying to make sense of this humongous data with standard bar charts or line graphs is impossible.

Standard visuals cannot present complex relationships.

In such cases, a dynamic visual that allows for interactive hierarchies and exploration is a far better option because it makes the data easier to understand. The level of interactivity that visual cues offer can facilitate next-level data exploration that matches specific business needs. Through the graphical representation of data and information, advanced visualization provides a practical way to understand trends and uncover hidden patterns in data.

Real-time data visualization can help group and organize data based on categories and themes, making it easier for business users to break down and understand. In the world of Big Data, powerful tools can break large amounts of complex information into easily consumable portions and enable data-driven decision-making.

The Benefits of Great Reports and Dashboards

Graphically representing complex data and information offers an intuitive way to examine trends and find correlations. It helps visually group and organize data based on categories and themes, making it easier to understand and consume. Great reports and dashboards offer several powerful benefits, including:

  • Advantage over the competition, as organizations can find patterns and make critical decisions quickly – before others.
  • Better risk management, as decision makers can act on anomalies and red flags proactively.
  • Compelling storytelling that paves the way for effective narratives to influence and inform a particular audience.
  • Immersive digital experiences through continuous interpretation of employee and customer interactions and complex information.
  • Improved productivity, as employees can process information faster and use that information to make quick decisions.

What It Takes to Build Such Reports

All organizations require the visual representation of data to display the output of their analytics efforts meaningfully. The right approach to visualization and data storytelling can allow businesses to focus on the business objective’s clarity, coherence, timeliness, and relativity.

But many organizations do not have the in-house knowledge or capacity to extract their data and visualize it clearly and concisely. This makes it hard to find correlations and relationships that are not already known, making effective data visualization a distant dream.

At Emergys, we have been helping businesses build great stories from their growing volumes of data. Using the latest technologies and industry best practices, we empower businesses with data visualization must-dos and help consolidate and visualize the meaning/value of their data. By converting data into rich insights, we help them turn data into instantaneous business decisions so that they can have the edge over their competition.

We have technology expertise across leading data visualization tools, including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, etc. Our compelling visualizations and dashboards can enable your maturing organization to:

  • Get real-time insight into critical operational and customer data with clear action items.
  • Monitor assets 24/7 and take corrective action as and when issues and bottlenecks are flagged.
  • Recognize relationships and patterns between data, and give them greater meaning.
  • Conduct efficient trend analysis and exploration and curate products/experiences that cater to current demands.
  • Identify correlations between operations and results and build patterns for effective decision-making.
  • Carry out accurate customer sentiment analysis and drive efforts in personalizing content.
  • Build interactive hierarchies and facilitate next-level data exploration that matches specific needs.

Enterprise Business Intelligence – A Case Study

A leading consumer product company was struggling to unearth insights from growing volumes of data. This made it difficult to meet current and future needs. Emergys implemented a tailored data visualization solution using Microsoft Power BI. We designed and deployed an enterprise data warehouse with executive dashboards for CXOs. We also implemented a set of 40 business-critical reports across business functions.

The company can address critical business planning needs by leveraging predictive analytics. CXOs can get a real-time view of business operations and drill down to transaction-level operations. At the same time, inventory management has become more data-driven, accurate, and reliable.

Mastering the Art of Data Storytelling

In the world of data and analytics, a picture is truly worth a thousand words! If you want to unearth exceptional insights from growing business data, relying on a handful of analytics tools won’twon’t take you far. You need to be able to build stunning reports and dashboards so that you can achieve your business outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Generating great reports and dashboards is the combined effort of a skilled team, the right set of tools, and a compelling visualization strategy. This is why you need to engage with the right experts.

Master the art of visualization and data storytelling today with Emergys!

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