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Create truly engaging experiences based on smart self-driven solutions that can optimize your day-to-day business processes and create new revenue streams for your business.
Emergys AI & ML solutions stack offers everything from Machine Learning, Chatbot Development Services, and Natural Language Processing to Image Based Processing, Voice-based AI, and AR/VR Applications.
“Artificial intelligence will digitally disrupt all industries.
Don’t be left behind.”
- Dave Waters

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Emergys is helping Companies to realize the potential game changing applications of Artificial Intelligence.
Leveraging machine learning techniques to abstract data from legal contracts, invoices similar documents.
Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning
Voice Recognition
Automated synthesis of natural language interface for form applications, live translation of communication sessions.
Face Recognition using Digital Biometric Technology, to identify unique characteristics from a face input i.e an image or video source and recognize a user real-time for different business purposes.
Conversational Ai
Implement natural voice language into conversational solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, focused on delivering enriched, personalized and immediate assistance. (AI powered Chatbots).
Machine Failure
Leveraging data from IoT devices to detect patterns and predict failure of machines.
Image processing
and video analytics
Capturing and abstracting information from video and streaming data.

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Watch the Video.

Reimagine your business processes through intelligent cutting edge technology.

Better Yet, watch the Video.

Reimagine your business processes through intelligent cutting edge technology.

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